Traditional Cretan gastronomy cooking lessons

Cooking lessons Cretan Gastronomy

Cretan cuisine is one of the richest and healthiest cuisines in the world. Discover it by cooking with Perikos Konstantinos, a human ambassador for Greek Gastronomy and Tourism, a certified and award-winning chef specializing in Greek, Cretan & Minoan gastronomy. Eating in Crete is a rite of passage that brings back memories and leaves an unforgettable memory of taste on the senses and the soul. Konstantinos will welcome you for a cooking class, with local and quality ingredients from the Cretan land, olive oil and herbs from the mountains of Crete. You will cook 5 wonderful and delicious Cretan dishes that you will enjoy together around the table with good homemade wine and raki.

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The organized daily tours are sold by the tourist agency PLANETAGRECJA (E-SERVICE) with EOT number 1039E70000106401
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